It seems that 99% of movie news nowadays concerns some form of comic book superhero/antihero/villain. So, with that said, we’ll kick off this week’s News Round with a glut of information regarding the likes of Wolverine, Superman and Preacher. We also have news on War Horse, Taken 2 and The Yellow Submarine.

First up is the news that Darren Aronofsky has left The Wolverine. Apparently the schedule for filming the latest tale of Logan’s life would have kept Aronofsky away from his family for a year. Understandably he didn’t like this idea and has parted ways with the project. According to the Black Swan director, the script is “terrific”, which, coming from a man of his calibre, is very promising.

Switching from Marvel’s property to DC’s – Superman - we have confirmationthat Kevin Costner will be playing the man of steel’s adoptive human father. Staying with Supes for more news; Zack Snyder has been talking about his intentions to completely distance this new vision of Superman from everything else, including the omission of John Williams’ iconic score.

DJ Caruso, the director behind Disturbia and Eagle Eye, and the man in charge of the adaptation of the brutal Preacher, has been talking about his latest project and, worryingly, the name Shia LaBeouf was mentioned. Don’t panic, this could just be a passing comment, but, what with LaBeouf in both Disturbia and Eagle Eye, it’s hard to think he won’t feature somewhere. Watch the full interview here (video is in English).

Did anyone think that the straight-to-DVD Taken would become as popular as it did? Whether you liked it or not, it did so well that Taken 2 is now in the works. Neeson has apparently sorted his scheduling problems and looks set to star once more and Luc Besson has once again co-written the script. Thoughts?

Steven Spielberg’s War Horse is nearing completion and Empire have the first look at the war-time drama starring Jeremy Irvine and Emily Watson. War Horse is due out in the UK in January.

Hollywood reporter had the exclusivethis week that Disney have scuppered plans for Robert Zemmeckis’ The Yellow Submarine revamp. Whilst Disney are no longer on board, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the film won’t get made.

Oh there was one more comic related news. Remember Daredevil? You know, that horrific movie starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Gardener and Colin Farrell? Well, looks like the blind vigilante may be getting another outing.