What happens when you combine the best of The Inbetweeners, Skins and American Pie? The trailer for Project X. Aimed squarely at a 17/18 year old demographic who are just starting their night life, house party and university years, Project X follows someone of the appropriate age (Thomas) and his two friends as they stage a house party while the parents are away for a long weekend.

The set-up is simple enough. The party gathers a huge turnout of all the cool kidz (with a deliberate Z, “Yo”) in college, way bigger than the anticipated small crowd. That is pretty much it. There does not have to be any more. Within the first 15 minutes, Project X quickly advances from the party organising to the party itself as seen on the adverts. The problem is, a film really needs to be around 1 hour and a half for it to be considered a film. Project X runs out of ideas at that 15 minute mark.

Whereas something like The Inbetweeners has enough dry whit and charm to carry it through for the duration and Skins has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster at Alton Towers, this film has nothing. Absolutely nothing. We have the usual jokes about finding the mum’s dildo, a completely unrealistic number of people and noise plus a distinct lack of character. There are so many holes in the plot (and I use that word carefully, because there isn’t really a plot) the whole scenario makes zero sense at all. For instance, when the police turn up they manage to hide the entire party. Right.

Still, this film never aims to be thought provoking. It is meant to be a funny comedy about students. Something a little mindless that appeals to the inner-teenager. But it falls wide of the mark at something so simple. Soon the jokes are just too unrealistic and repetitive. There is a funny scene near the start involving a small dog on a trampoline and other frivolities, but this is repeated later on to a less rapturous response. Likewise, the whole “midget in the oven” section is belittling but enjoyable. Until the joke goes on for too long.

My main complaint though is the message that Project X sends out to the world. If you are to take anything away from the film, it glamorises ecstasy, teaches you that bullying is fine and that destroying your family’s house is OK because you were popular.

Oh yes, the destroying of the house. The party starts out at a too high a level of craziness, which descends into something so grandiose and over the top it is completely unbelievable and plain stupid. Worse even than that is the relationship Thomas has with a girl of the same age. Nothing is mentioned throughout apart from a brief encounter for about a minute in the middle and there is zero character development. But then someone in the production team obviously found The xx album and tacked on a supposedly emotional moment where they get it on at the end of the film. It is completely pointless and instead of adding something to the film, it detracts from the experience.

All in all, while Project X did make me laugh more than once and had such a promising start, ultimately being completely devoid of any personality, emotion or sensibilities means I really cannot recommend this film. Sure, there are plenty of easy to watch comedies and I’m not suggesting that every film has to be a bleak period drama, but this sums up everything that is wrong with Hollywood right now.